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What checklist does follow to remodel an existing bathroom?

Without a proper estimate, execution, research, and analysis nothing can be superb anymore by overall outcomes, and when it’s in the building construction industry there are a lot of factors to measure and finalize for the best-structured outputs.

And in this scenario, as We guide you for bathroom remodeling that’s so, let me have a chance to describe what checklist does follow to remodel an existing bathroom.

As here highlighted following, We the US Avat Construction consult with our construction remodeling clients that we implement in our bathroom remodeling works through these bathroom remodeling checklists:


Making a budget before starting a project is always a good idea. This will help you to understand how much money you want to spend in every sector on a single project. Always keep 10 to 20% extra money in your hand because renovation or remodeling costs may vary whatever you expect.


Bathroom remodeling time does not depend on your bathroom size. Most people think a small bathroom remodeling costs less time than remodeling a large size bathroom. Simply it's not true.

It depends on the time you spend making this plan, the product arrival time that you order online, the plumber's work skills, and so on. It also depends on how much area or which furniture you want to change.

bathroom remodeling Checklists


Following a specific order for your bathroom remodeling project can save you a lot of time. You have to start your work at the top of the room. Replace your ceiling first then walls & finally floors to make sure the protection of your furniture.

Hidden problems:

If you are thinking of a major update to your bathroom, then it's good to go through a complete remodeling project. Your house may have an important potential hidden problem. It may be water damage to the floor, bad plumbing, non-waterproof tub or floor or tiles & bad ventilation capabilities.

Functionality & style:

Think about how your bathroom looks before starting your bathroom remodeling project. There are many things to look at like paint color choice, tiles, shower location & tubs. Functionality should go hand in hand with design.

Suppose you want to take an open cold shower, that’s why you need more space inside your bathroom. Functionality & design have a close relationship.


No remodeling project can be done without fixtures. There are some changes that you can make:

1)Shower slips: When you are choosing the shower seals then make sure you choose the right material like granite or quartz

2) Drawer storage: Install a bathroom drawer instead of a vanity door to make sure that you can put your cosmetics and toiletries.

3)Lighting: Perfect color combination, lighting & a nice shower can remove all of your tiredness.


Ventilation is a tricky task in a wet room like a bathroom. Poor ventilation can make your bathroom damp, and muddy & can even harm your health. A well-ventilated bathroom is a healthy bathroom

Besides our offered bathroom remodeling checklists, and the most common way, you may have a customized bathroom remodeling solution or have some extraordinary bathroom remodeling or renovation workflows in your mind, right?

If have, then share those thoughts with us because we “make it happen” and “we makeover infrastructures infrastructurally” Also, you may need to fix up home remodeling or kitchen remodeling and renovation tasks!

Please reach your voice to us because we love satisfaction. Also we care about our clients as we care about us.

We hope to see you happy soon with our international-level construction, remodeling, and renovation works expertise.

Thank you

Momenul Ahmad

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