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What do I think before home renovation?

Don't worry about what I should do before home renovation?

Because we have set up 10 before or during home renovation steps for you, and the 10 steps that you should consider to make the home stunning, dashing, pleasing, and heavenly feel and looks:

1) Starting renovations very early:

Live in your house for a while before making any plans to change it. I mean, if you buy a new house and before the renovation, it is according to your choice, live there for some time. Look where the sun hits, feel the airflow, and observe how it feels during summer, winter, or spring seasons.

Observe the natural sunlight flow during the day, Check the functionality of different rooms.

Notice if there is any additional door or window needed. Does your home serve all the purposes you need?

2) Not hiring a designer from the start:

Home renovation is not as easy as you think. It may be very complicated depending on your home size and complexity. Especially, when you decide to sell your house after remodeling then experts suggest that you should hire a designer from the beginning.

The color combination and measurement of the different instruments make house remodeling very tricky. In this case, you must hire a designer expert otherwise you can make a mistake that can make the house value lower than before.

3) Underestimating costs:

An expert from this industry suggests that you should always keep an extra 15 to 20% budget for this kind of project. Suppose you think your home remodeling cost will be $10,000. Then you should start your work with at least $12,000. If you don't do it then you may get into trouble.

4) Replacing windows:

One of the key things you have to notice in your house is the natural flow of air & sunlight in your house not only in summer but also in the winter season. According to this situation you have to replace your window. You can rely on these things from interior designers & architecture.

home renovation and remodeling contractor in houtx

5) Not knowing the actual measurements:

You have to know what furniture has to be put in where? What is the size of this? Do not fall in love with a 94-inch sofa when you have only 54-inch spaces in your home.

6) Buying giant furniture:

Sometimes people buy furniture from auction because it's cheap. Later they find that it's very large according to the space in their house. So before buying furniture, measure the space where you want to put that furniture.

7) Working on too many rooms at once:

For anyone on a budget, my suggestion is to focus on the living area first. Doing a little bit here & there only makes you frustrated. Focus on those places where you spend the most time. Those places serve as the focus of your energy and investment. When the budget allows, make changes to the next space.

8) Not setting up a timeline:

If you hire a contractor for your house renovation, set up a fixed timeline. It's very important because this is how you can measure the progress of your project. Not setting a timeline can make your home remodeling project costly.

9) Making too many changes along the way:

The easiest way to say this is "if your house remodeling cost is more than 50% of your house cost then you should buy, or buy a new house instead of repairing that house".

10) Not asking enough questions to the home remodeling contractors:

When you discuss the remodeling project with your contractor then ask whatever relevant with home remodeling project, i.e.,

What will be the color combination? What will the total budget be?

How much time will it take to complete? Know the details. It will help you in the long run.

Hope we have been able to guide you enough therefore still now in hesitant to taking decision for recent or next home renovation works then please read our previous post in home remodeling and renovation ideas and make it happen, give us your home remodeling responsibilities us

We're ready to make you feel happy with our home renovation expertise because we renovate your home, following interior design styles with the latest technology.

We would like to see you happy.

Thank you

Momenul Ahmad

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